Design of an energy efficient Iot enabled smart system based on DALI network over MQTT protocol

In line with the mainstream technological innovations the emerging IoT technology aims at improving the quality of life of general masses and the efficiency of the civic amenities in a sustainable fashion while optimising economic investments by private and public sector. The IoT applications can be found in various vital fields such as: energy, health, transportation, environment, etc. Millions of application in all these fields can work optimally if there is a strong interconnection among IoT enabled devices [1]. Interconnection among IoT enabled devices via communication channels and protocols is not only a simple technological subject matter but it interests also other characteristics such as privacy, standardization, legal issues, etc. [2]. This unsurprisingly induces newer innovative challenges in IoT environment, which inspires industrial and academics researchers to go further in IoT sustainability research [3]. Confidently, the technological interfacing and communications among the IoT enabled devices (things) is essential to empower the IoT environment [4]. This is the reason why few vital functions will be performed by few key technological components and techniques, which have evolved to guarantee interconnection among heterogeneous devices adapting to the usage of very less supplies in terms of both computational time, memory, functionalities and energy resources.