An IoT Enabled Real-Time Communication and Location Tracking System for Vehicular Emergency.

Internet of Things is an emerging technology having the ability to change the way we live. In IoT vision, each and every 'thing' has the ability of talking to each other that brings the idea of Internet of Everything in reality. Numerous IoT services can make our daily life easier, smarter, and even safer. Using IoT in designing some special services can make a lifesaver system. In this paper, we have presented an IoT enabled approach that can provide emergency communication and location tracking services in a remote car that meets an unfortunate accident or any other emergency situation. Immediately after an accident or an emergency, the system either starts automatically or may be triggered manually. Depending upon type of emergency (police and security, fire and rescue, medical, or civil) it initiates communication and shares critical information e.g. location information, a set of relevant images taken from prefixed angles etc. with appropriate server/authority. Provision of interactive real-time multimedia communication, real-time location tracking, etc. have also been integrated into the proposed system to monitor the exact condition in real-time basis. The system prototype has been designed with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and UMTS-HSDPA communication protocol.

Requirement Analysis:
Hardware Requirement

Microcontroller, LCD display, Accident Sensor, GPS module, Wi-Fi Module,Buzzer,Power supply unit

Software Requirement

C - Language, IoT, Python, HTML