Reconfigurable Smart Water Quality Monitoring System in IoT Environment

Since the effective and efficient system of water quality monitoring (WQM) are critical implementation for the issue of polluted water globally, with increasing in the development of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment, real time water quality monitoring is remotely monitored by means of real-time data acquisition, transmission and processing. This paper presents are configurable smart sensor interface device for water quality monitoring system in an IoT environment. The smart WQM system consists of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)design board, sensors,Zigbee based wireless communication module and personal computer (PC). The FPGA board is the core component of the proposed system and it is programmed in very high speed integrated circuit hardware description language(VHDL) and C programming language using Quart us II software and Qsys tool. The proposed WQM system collects the five parameters of water data such as water pH, water level,turbidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) on the surface of water and water temperature in parallel and in real time basis with high speed from multiple different sensor nodes.