Tumor Detection in Brain MRI Image Using Template based K-means and Fuzzy C-means Clustering Algorithm.

This paper presents a robust segmentation method which is the integration of Template based K-means and modified Fuzzy C-means (TKFCM) clustering algorithm that, reduces operators and equipment error. In this method, the template is selected based on convolution between gray level intensity in small portion of brain image, and brain tumor image. K-means algorithm is to emphasized initial segmentation through the proper selection of template. Updated membership is obtained through distances from cluster centroid to cluster data points, until it reaches to its best. This Euclidian distance depends upon the different features i.e. intensity, entropy, contrast, dissimilarity and homogeneity of coarse image, which was depended only on similarity in conventional FCM. Then, on the basis of updated membership and automatic cluster selection, a sharp segmented image is obtained with red marked tumor from modified FCM technique. The small deviation of gray level intensity of normal and abnormal tissue is detected through TKFCM. The performances of TKFCM method is analyzed through neural network provide a better regression and least error. The performance parameters show relevant results which are effective in detecting tumor in multiple intensity based brain MRI image.