Architecture and Implementation of An Information-Centric Device-to-Device Network

Today’s mobile devices almost exclusively connect to infrastructures for communications and information access; but advances such as AirDrop andWiFi Direct are bringing deviceto-device communication to the forefront of mobile computing. Self-organizing ad hoc mobile networks have a wide range of applications in scenarios where infrastructure is not available or with limited bandwidth, such as communications in the aftermath of natural disasters, censorship resistant communications, and battlefield communications. In this paper, we propose an information-centric device-to-device network, called ICD2D. The network is distributed and requires no centralized coordination. For each published item of data, the system creates a metatdata; a publish-subscribe mechanism disseminates the metadata and facilitates filtering information in a distributed fashion. We implemented a full-featured system on NS3. Evaluations show significant improvement in successful information retrieval compared with OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing), a common approach to ad hoc routing.