Determining the network throughput and flow rate using GSR and AAL2R

In multi-radio wireless mesh networks, one node is eligible to transmit packets over multiple channels to different destination nodes simultaneously. This feature of multi-radio wireless mesh network makes high throughput for the network and increase the chance for multi path routing. This is because the multiple channel availability for transmission decreases the probability of the most elegant problem called as interference problem which is either of interflow and intraflow type. For avoiding the problem like interference and maintaining the constant network performance or increasing the performance the WMN need to consider the packet aggregation and packet forwarding. Packet aggregation is process of collecting several packets ready for transmission and sending them to the intended recipient through the channel, while the packet forwarding holds the hop-by-hop routing. But choosing the correct path among different available multiple paths is most the important factor in the both case for a routing algorithm. Hence the most challenging factor is to determine a forwarding strategy which will provide the schedule for each node for transmission within the channel. In this research work we have tried to implement two forwarding strategies for the multi path multi radio WMN as the approximate solution for the above said problem. We have implemented Global State Routing (GSR) which will consider the packet forwarding concept and Aggregation Aware Layer 2 Routing (AAL2R) which considers the both concept i.e. both packet forwarding and packet aggregation. After the successful implementation the network performance has been measured by means of simulation study