An NS3 Implementation of physical layer based on 802.11 for utility maximization of WSN

A Technology require to meet customer demands and improve the performance in WLAN 802.11.Wireless is a scalable, reliable and cost effective technology which can be used to implement 802.11 for utility maximization of WSN. Integrate physical layer simulator for OFDM-based IEEE 802.11 communication in a network simulator. We implement OFDM-based IEEE 802.11 standard, more precisely, for the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) PHY specification for the 5 GHz band. PhySim-Wifi is a detailed and accurate implementation of the OFDM-based IEEE 802.11 standard, with higher fidelity at the physical layer than found in NS3. It can be used as replacement for the official YansWifiPhy implementation when higher simulation accuracy is required in NS3. Which will provide channel related access information in dynamic network scenario. This can lead to a programmable interface for management and control of physical layer and network layer resources in an optimal fashion.