Achieving High-Performance Cellular Data Services with Multi-Network Access

This paper introduces the plan and assessment of a portable information benefit which misuses parallel multi-way transmission over numerous cell systems to accomplish critical execution picks up. Multi-arrange get to is roused by the actuality that multi-radio cell phones are quick turning into a genuineity, making it workable for end-clients to build their administration speed and accessibility by means of system decent variety. Rather than beforehand proposed procedures at the application or transport layers, we propose a novel system helped engineering for multi-homed (NAMH) cell get to. In the proposed framework, arrange components, for example, switches and base stations give the important multihoming usefulness including distinguishing proof of a bifurcation switch and dynamic part of the information stream relating to as of now achievable piece rates on the cell base stations. A point by point assessment is accommodated the multi arrange benefit with LTE base stations, utilizing both ns3 reenactment also, follow driven copies. The outcomes demonstrate that huge picks up are accomplished with multi-organize access with bit-rates of 1.9x utilizing two LTE organizes in parallel. Examination with the surely understood MPTCP strategy is given, indicating additions of about 40% with NAMH for the follow driven two-organize situation

System Architecture

Project Overview : In this paper, we propose a system helped multi-homed information conveyance benefit System Assisted MultiHoming, which bolsters concurrent multi-arrange availability. The key building pieces of this administration are portrayed. As the design depends on multi-radio customers each with at least two cell interfaces as well as a WiFi interface. The errand of part the information stream towards numerous interfaces is taken care of by arrange components for example, base stations and switches, expelling the requirement for multi-way coordination at end-focuses. Further, the expanding switch and base stations use cross-layer data on flag quality to decide the correct proportion of movement to be sent along each way. The idea of system helped multi-way conveyance in our work has many points of interest contrasted and approaches which designate the errand of booking and part the streams to the end has.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirement
Main processor : Pentium IV processor 1.13 GHz
Hard disk capacity : 40GB
Cache memory : 512 MB
Monitor : LG Digital Color Monitor
Keyboard : Samsung
Mouse : Logitech

Software Requirement
Operating system : Fedora 8 (linux)
Scripting language : Network Simulator 2.33
Protocol developed : C++
Scripting : Tool Command Language