Collision-Free Anycast Transmission Scheduling in UWSNs

Under Water Wireless Sensor Network (UWSNs) have been proposed to screen submerged districts, for example, oceans what's more, seas. A normal case of a UWSN comprises of a set of submerged sensor hubs and an arrangement of sink hubs that are sent at the ocean surface. Utilizing acoustic transmission, the sensors send their gathered information to no less than one of the sinks in what is known as the anycast transmission issue. One of the significant issues with submerged hubs is their restricted control, which implies that transmission crashes are expensive. In this paper, we propose a crash free anycast transmission planning calculation for UWSNs. The proposed calculation is an area based directing calculation that timetables transmissions between sensor hubs and sink hubs so as to limit the vitality utilization and conceivable crashes. We play out an arrangement of tests utilizing the NS2 Aqua-Sim test system.Underwater channel and Propagation we are using here In terrestrial network, air is the communication medium, whereas, in underwater network, water is the communication medium.

System Architecture

Project Overview : In this project we are using underwater propagation and underwater channel,here we need to find a distance from sender to sink node and based on distance and plce the sink nodes in descending order and sender nodes in ascending order.

System Requirements
Hardware Requirement
Main processor : Pentium IV processor 1.13 GHz
Hard disk capacity : 40GB
Cache memory : 512 MB
Monitor : LG Digital Color Monitor
Keyboard : Samsung
Mouse : Logitech

Software Requirement Operating system : Fedora 8 (linux)
Scripting language : Network Simulator 2.33
Protocol developed : C++
Scripting : Tool Command Language