Extending Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime With Global Energy Balance.

In this paper, a decentralized routing algorithm,called game theoretic energy balance routing protocol,is proposed to extend the network lifetime by balancing energyconsumption in a larger network area using geographical routingprotocols. The objective of the proposed protocol is to makesensor nodes deplete their energy at approximately the sametime, which is achieved by addressing the load balance problem atboth the region and node levels. In the region level, evolutionarygame theory (EGT) is used to balance the traffic load to availablesubregions. At the node level, classical game theory (CGT) isused to select the best node to balance the load in the selectedsubregion. This two-level approach is shown to be an effectivesolution for load balancing and extending network lifetime.This paper shows the use of EGT and CGT in designing arobust protocol that offers significant improvement over existingprotocols in extending network lifetime.