FinFET Based 4-BIT Input XOR/XNOR Logic Circuit

In this paper a structure for direct 4-BIT XOR/XNOR logic cell is proposed. This structure is proposed using pass transistor logic with FinFETs. This structure has less delay for the reason that its critical path consists of a minimum number of transistors. The basic advantage of this circuit is their symmetry in the logic. This design has a full voltage swing at the outputs and hence it has the good driving capability. The
proposed design produces perfect outputs, even at low voltages and at high frequencies with the lesser transistor count. The proposed design is simulated using Cadence 20 nm FinFET technology at various supply voltages assorting from +0.6 V to +0.9 V. The simulation results illustrate that the proposed design has less delay and as well as less power consumption.